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Impy Club is an exclusive club for kids of age 6 to 12 years. Members can experience various program aimed at kindling childrens’ inherent curiosity and keeping alive the joyous sparkle in their eyes, by providing an ‘unbound learning’ experience through a hands-on, interactive and activity-based pedagogy. Based on the ‘I do, I Understand’ principle, we engage children in a fun-filled environment and turn them into active observers. Directed at children aged 6 years and over, Impy Club help young minds to dare and think beyond, through our various products like Impy Box – Monthly Activity boxes, Impy Mobile app, Impy workshops and Impy kits. At Impy Club we believe in Sowing the seeds of curiosity, to enlighten and empower young minds.

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Impy Club Membership is the best gift for any kid, as it help them associate with an educational group which is exploring the world in a unique and interesting way. Becoming a member of this exclusive club give your kid a unique identification and keep you updated about all the updates about the products and services which would be relevant for them. Also all members avail special discount on all the offering listed.
Yearly Membership fees = Rs. 1500

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> All purchase made on our on-line store will avail 15%-25% discount > All in-app purchase on Impy app will avail atleast 15% discount > Special workshop and competition will have special rate only for the members. > Tie-up with several child focus outlets giving discounted rate on entry tickets.> All this and lot more…

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Impy Club App

Impy Club Mobile app is an interesting and educational app suitable for the kids of age 6-12. This app is a manifestation of Gamification of Learning. In this app, Impy – who is an alien from planet Erudito in the Triangulum Galaxy has come to Earth to study it, because in their planet students are not taught in a closed classroom but are encouraged to go out and explore. So Impy has come to earth and now needs your help to understand our planet well. In this game, users are given some real task and activities which they have to complete to help Impy earn experience points and upgrade his level so that he can complete his learning and return back to Erudito. Kids feel nice when they are needed and are always ready to extend their hands to help. Through the mission provided by Impy we actually provide recommended activities and learning resources which help them to understand the concepts better and help them retain the knowledge.

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Impy Box

Impy Box is a monthly activity box of joy and learning packed together delivered at your door step. All Impy club members enjoy discounted rate for yearly subscription and can also choose from the variety of topics suitable to their age and taste. Impy box is designed by expert educator team who have experience of practicing activity based learning for years and have personally trained more than 50000 through activity based learning.

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